Penthouse - Milan

Place: Milano
Product: Heritage 190 - Civita 1140, Invisible touch Fibramix
Architect: Mattia Lorenzo Vittori
Year: 2016

An apartment in Milan dating back to the 50’s, strategically located  at the center of the fashion district, has been completely renovated with the aim of redefining not only the interior, but also  the outdoor area . The ample and connected living spaces, open up  to the outside view and terrace, n which overlooks  a bay window with sliding doors  to the entire width. The exquisite  flooring covers  the whole horizontal surface , features Frenck Oak of the Atelier collection to fulfill  the needs of the designer: Heritage 190 - Civita 1140, with Invisible Touch  finish and  Fibramix selection. The “materiality” of the surface is enhanced  by a soft plane effect ,  enlightened  by  the special lighting system. The collaboration between the architect and the company has also led to the creation of  a bespoke skirting, made from planks of wood floors  recessed into the walls so as to be flush. The surfaces  of the inner walls in the natural lime are opaque, soft and velvety to the touch, in line with the search of materiality and tactility that characterizes the whole project. The windows and doors are custom made, in the same wood species, the same French Oak is also incorporated in the wall wire, as well as doors without upper cross, skirtings, electric plates. Bookcases, cabinets and sideboards the suspended are all made by the designer to fit in perfectly  with the interior layout, while the furnishings  boast iconic pieces of Italian and Nordic design, such as Wishbone Chair Carl Hansen & Søn.

Photo: Chiara Cadeddu