Prodotto: Natural Genius Foxtrot Testa di Moro
Location: Fendi Casa / Scic Wigmore street London

This project features Foxtrot wood floor collection designed by Matteo Nunziati in Tortora colour.

 Working with Global Luxury we have experienced both the power of Italian creative intelligence on the International scene and the work elbow-to-elbow with the manufacturer where clients are able to get the benefit of fully customizing your bespoke kitchen and cabinetry. They supply to the high end residential contract market and exclusive provate clients around the globe. All of our products, are carefully made de in Italy and are of the finest quality and beauty. We take full advantage of the latest innovation and technology to provide the premium quality. 

This Natural Genius product presents a grid of intertwined lines creates a wooden texture which moves away from the traditional shapes of wood flooring and acquires a new elegance. What does modernity mean in wood flooring?

The same as for a work of art. Or an American jazz dance.