Los Helechos - Città del Messico

Place: Mexico City
Product: Réserve Traccia Siena
Architect: cherem arqs, Abraham Cherem
Technical support, consultancy and installation Listone Giordano partner: Jager Group
Year: 2012

The evocative theme of the project suggested by'' Mexican architect, the house that develops and grows just about multiple dimensions, represents the spirit that animates the projects and collections Listone Giordano, a leading brand of the range that is part of the Group Margaritelli:

"Creating a flat play, with scenes that open and close a surprise redefining spaces and volumes of the living area and not only .. A hyper modern building large and bright in the megalopolis of Mexico City, "is the project of his" island "private dwelling in a metropolitan, the goal was to center on the following: large spaces for the kitchen and the living room, sleeping area with great privacy for both users, different ages and times. In the kitchen area is a leading solution for large-scale signed Boffi, as well' as bathroom fittings as any unique pieces designed by the architect and made by local artisans.
Natural light penetrates all available windows so consequential freeing the west occupied by service rooms.
To be able to achieve this final result  all internal subdivisions  have been reset and redesigned the entire distribution system dedicating to the living room-kitchen-services to an area where a large open plan equipped kitchen island plays a role in both technical and user-friendly.
The search for a material element unifying modeler living space has led to the idea of ​​using wood appropriately designed, engineered and shaped to create the fifth vertical wide-ranging open and close a "fan" as a theater set or film of great effect and aesthetic suggestion and extremely functional for dividing spaces while leaving perceive the idea of ​​open space. These walls, therefore, end up strongly characterize the environment, hooked to material and color to its specular floor also made with the same plank.
Fascinated by the softness and warmth of the wood we decided to create the partitions for the sleeping area equipped with a fifth in wardrobes with sliding doors camouflage functional choice and soundproofing the place of sleep.

The bathrooms are inside the rooms designed according to the personality 'of the architect the same one with a tub-shower stone the other open room shielded by a fifth.
Particular attention has been paid to the technical aspects: thermo-acoustic insulation, heating systems with underfloor heating, ducted air conditioning. "

The number of application solutions in wood essence, many of which are designed to measure its architect, enhance and embrace the rooms going up vertically and horizontally to the floor with the 'use of the collection in Florence Reserve various hues and shades of color thanks to the thermo- treatment of oak, the Atelier Collection Listone Giordano. Atelier can not be called just a product but a real evolving project, conceived and designed just to communicate with the world of design.