Peggy Guggenheim Collection - Venice

An exclusive "art" crafter floor created and designed by Hangar Design Group for the contemporary art exhibition hosted at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice.

AZIMUT / H. Continuity and new

The museum has dedicated a precious tribute to the avant-garde scene, celebrating Azimut / h, the gallery and magazine founded in 1959 in Milan by Enrico Castellani (1930) and Piero Manzoni (1933-1963). The exhibition aims at showing to the public the fundamental role that Azimut / h played on the Italian and international art scene of those years as a kind of creative earthquake. Being one of the great catalysts of visual and conceptual era of he Italian and European culture, to bridge a new revolutionary generation, ironic and critical,with the strictest contemporary values. 

The ethereal floor becomes a stage on which to play, the unusual shapes of the boards draw the geometric lines of the bevel to tromp l'oeil effect of strong visual impact.