Rancho Cerro Gordo - Mexico

Project: Rancho Cerro Gordo

Product: Atelier Rèserve Mareggiata Cefalù
Location: Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico
Arquitect: Roberta Rojas 
Interior designer: Paola Aboumrad

The project is a private Country house in Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico; Where Roberta Rojas and Paola Aboumrad designed to create a warm and cozy atmosphere to match the beautiful landscape the house is surrounded by. The Listone Giordano Mareggiata Cefalu 1131 was the perfect fit this magnificent Country House; Also to make this project comfortable and convenient, it was equipped with Dada Kitchens.

Arquitect: Roberta Rojas 

This project was commissioned by the client to me in a quest to have quality family weekends and so the client can enjoy his children and grandchildren. It was a different approach to tackle the design, all of the views were spectacular and there was no size limits. But the look and feel should be homey, modern Mexican and ranch like where it would blend in with the natural environment and become the natural environment. So to acquire these the materials for the most part are Mexican or of a very high quality. These will also ensure a low cost of maintenance. Most of facades are all glass doors that opens completely to enable the outside become part of the inside and so the cabin coverts into a big terrace having no structure in the corners. Because there are four cabins and a main building where the family gets together the designing of each cabin needed to have privacy and it was a difficult task because of the terrain. With the design of 120 degrees for each room this will not only give the cabins the movement but also the opportunity to have all the beautiful views there are. And because of it the cabins will not seem as big as they are and will hide a bit in the forest becoming the forest. The roofs are inclined so the views are more important and the ceiling of each rooms seems to disappear. In the Main Building one of the highlights is a wine cellar that is 5 meter in diameter and 5 meter high, making this a vertical room. It has a glass top that lifts up so the access is from the bar entering the big glass staircase which with its transparency the users can see all the depth of the wine cellar.   For the interior design I asked Architect Paola Aboumrad. We tried to give each cabin personality but at the same time an easy feel for anyone who would stay there. The concept is a contemporary mountain feel, with certain warmth given by the textures and materials. We specified products from all over world, Italian furniture Belgian rugs, and a lot of bespoke furniture made in Mexico as well as the fabrics for the decorative accents sought in difference parts of Mexico emphasizing on colors and textures like embroided cushions from Chiapas, dinnerware was specially designed for the project in Guadalajara

We certainly aimed for coziness but trying to keep the contemporary feeling and embracing the nature surrounding the area, and supporting the local artisans in Mexico.