Royal Palace - Naples

Place: Napoli
Product: special product
Architects: Studio Vitruvio
Year: 2016

A very special wood flooring, custom made by our Contract Division upon architect's design. We thank Vitruvius Study for the precious architetcura intervention and unmistakable project concept .

The original project dates back to the1600 conceived by Domenico Fontana. Luigi Vanvitelli in the eighteenth century, due to static problems, alternately closed down the arches of the façade, to strengthen the walls. In the niches were then placed, in 1888, the statues of the kings of Naples. Damaged by fire in 1837, the Palace was restored by Gaetano Genovese, author of the monumental staircase and the arrangement of the southern side of the Palace, with the courtyard of the Belvedere and the roof garden. The oldest rooms of the main floor, now the Museum of the Historical heritage, retain the furniture and decoration of the royal families: the Court Theatre, the magnificent Hall of Ambassadors, the Throne Room, the Sala d'Ercole, the Chapel Palatine dedicated to the Assumption.