St. Regis Hotel - Firenze

Place: Florence, Italy
Products: Atelier Réserve Firenze, Siena, special herringbone pattern
Architect: HDC, Interior Architecture + Design
Surface: 1500 msq
Year: 2011

Listone Giordano “Fiorentino style” features the prestigious renovation of the St. Regis Hotel along the Arno River

Reflecting Florence’s rich artistic heritage, the 81 spacious guest rooms and 19 distinctive suites are characterized by discreet luxury and extremely refined elegance. Additionally, all guests may enjoy impeccable St. Regis butler service any time for a fully “customized” facility.

The guest can therefore experience the myriad storied Florentine aesthetics in one of the dedicated spaces completely refurbished and decorated with rich colours, custom frescos and sparkling crystal chandeliers, where the antique décor pays homage to the city’s artistic heritage.

The traditional craft skills are put to use to manufacture state-of-the-art products, resulting in a totally new way of interpreting hardwood flooring, with total respect for the man and the environment thanks to the use of completely natural products and methods. 

Traditional production processes along with targeted selections and the utmost attention generate precious products, unlike no other custom-made hardwood floor solutions. 

Collections open to imagination which due to their versatility con be arranged in any style of interior whether it be traditional or modern to complement and highlight it. Reserve Atelier has been picked by American architect firm HDC, Interior Architecture + Design based in Los Angeles and Rome which was the project leader of this complex and ambitious renovation,

More than 1500 msq of customised Atelier in a special colour tones such as Siena though reinterpreting the “herringbone” geometrical pattern with a “contemporary” twist.

It is the ideal combination of tradition and contemporary style, art and genuineness.

A  collection inspired by “nature” has dressed up in total about 72 rooms, luxury suites and public areas such as the lobby and the main hall.

A wood floor collection where every board is first hand crafted then finished with a blend of natural oils in different colour tones is the unrivalled result of a specific know-how applied to natural wood boards.

Reserve offers distinctive finishes with individual character. Hand-planed is complemented with a range of specific craftworks of the surface in different colour tones. A beautiful timeless collection created by the Umbria-based Italian Company to bring refined fascination into your home.