Handmade technique

Listone Giordano's Atelier was created right in middle of Umbria, immersed in the woods that have always charmed poets and artists. It is the result of the encounter between the old values of Italy's craftsmanship tradition and the high-tech values of the company that revolutionised the design of wooden floorings. The masterly work of expert hands, combined with today's ideas shapes a unique, timeless product, turning each French Oak board into a work of art. Parquet made with mankind and the environment in mind thanks to a carefully selected raw material from environmentally sustainable European forests and treatments carried out with natural products and methods. All these values make Atelier the new great classic of wooden flooring that can provide a unique interpretation of custom-made solutions. 

Designed by nature

Wood is an extraordinary material designed by Nature and masterfully shaped by Time. A "masterpiece" of everyone's heritage, a material with a strong connection to our Planet's history, humankind's culture and Architecture. No other material has been used so much and been so important in mankind's evolution. Listone Giordano's Atelier collection renews this close relationship with a collection of wooden floorings that enhance the aesthetic qualities and distinctive features of this noble material. 

Living material

The attention that Listone Giordano places on selecting wood is one of its most important values for which it stands out. Wood is a natural material, one of the most beautiful and yet most difficult to learn about. This is why the final beauty and value of Atelier wooden flooring undoubtedly depend on the quality of the raw materials used. Wood is a living, sensitive material constantly in contact with the environment around it. Like an organism it is constantly evolving thanks 

to invisible movements that change its shape and size. The in-depth knowledge of 

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