Interior design brand

Listone Giordano is synonymous worldwide with excellence in premium hardwood flooring.
This reputation has been built over many years and is strengthened daily by the dedication and enthusiasm of all the people who work to create this product. They are driven by a single goal: perfection. An incomparable product, made for those who love quality living and look for excellence in their own home. A century-long entrepreneurial story which has contributed to convey the culture of wood and establish wood flooring as an integrated element of the interior project.   

  • The values

    Closely connected with the construction of the Listone Giordano brand identity we focus on wood technology as well as aesthetic research, respect for nature and interpretation of the authentic cultural heritage, artistic sensibility and Italian lifestyle. The brand is the ambassador today embodying the Company’s values. Some of those are material and immediately visible, other intangible, but not for this less concrete and decisive in the business process. Essential goal is the constant investigation for a synthesis not always easily reconciled: aesthetic and ethics, outer beauty and substance, appearance and essence, surface and pulp. Concepts which among other things translate harmonization between man and nature, industry and the environment, technology and health.

  • Listone Giordano in Miralduolo: the heart of production

    The production plant, perfectly integrated in the Umbrian countryside, is the result of the cooperation with ABDR associated architects. It’s an inspiring model of modern industrial plant in tune with the natural surroundings. Located in the heart of the Umbrian countryside, it began as enlightened example of the conjugation between the structural and functional requirements of a modern industrial system and respect for the natural environment that surrounds it. Born as a project in progress aimed at minimizing as much as possible, the gap between the natural and built environment, it develops its own organic accepting the suggestions offered by the surrounding landscape and combining them in an elegant and non-invasive architectural paradigm. The incorporation of the agricultural sector (wine production) with the Miralduolo plan provides the sign of the foundation, which aims to reunify and bring together the different kinds of production in a unique concept of human production.

  • Certifications

    The manufacturing processes are designed to cut the environmental impact as much as possible and to comply with the strictest safety standards, as shown by its  ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications. Thus, the corporate mission has two equally important parts: first interpret the ever more refined market demand in the most mature and environmentally aware markets, providing the required products; second, preempt the times to promote and encourage clients to respect the environment and make responsible purchasing decisions.