Oak's colours
Unique laying

The design of an irregular laying pattern, like nature. Listone Giordano's Classica collection brings back the traditional "ancienne" laying method to life, which is featured in old wooden floorings with different lengths and widths, mixed during application. Classica now offers those special designs by reinterpreting them with exclusive colours and treatments.

A true “classic” laying pattern with a feel of the past. Available for products of the Listone Giordano's Classica collection with widths of 90 and 140 mm, this is an extremely elegant laying, suitable for places drawing inspiration from different styles going beyond classic.

Make your Listone Giordano parquet unique. The Classica collection now also includes the traditional Hungarian Herringbone laying. Each wooden board, cut with a 60-degree inclination on the short sides, transforms the floor's design into a work of art. A wooden surface with a fine classical charm to be combined with contemporary interior designs. 


Biosphera is a marking system based upon Listone Giordano's green procurement policy which fulfills the need to provide the end-consumer with a brief, clear and useful piece of information regarding the source of the raw materials used in the manufacturing process. This focuses uniquely on the safeguard of the forests with regards to the specific characteristics of multilayer wood flooring.

How would you like walking barefoot on your wood floor? Thanks  to Crystalcare,  the Anti-bacterial finish developed by LG now you can. We care about your wellbeing, your children’s health and the protection of the spaces they play and live in. this is the main focus of the innovative Crystalcare system, specific for the use of wood floor in medical and healthcare related environment as well.  

Listone Giordano has undertaken, since the very beginning, the path towards the respect and the sustainable use of natural resources, the control  of the provenance of the raw materials and chain of custody of the entire production process. Thanks to its culture of wood, Listone Giordano is certified PEFC ™ and FSC ®, the two leading certifications in forestry management.  

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