Durable wood materials

The wood materials from the Listone Giordano Outdoor collection boast an organic durability of 25 years. The flooring elements made from Fontaines Ash Wood and Accoya® are made from certified raw materials from sustainably managed forests. Thanks to the use of special natural treatments, they take on weatherproof characteristics that render them ideal for outdoor environments. The teak and ipe wood flooring elements, which are naturally durable thanks to the extracts contained within the wood itself, are processed under controlled humidity conditions and are manufactured to guarantee the best possible width/thickness ratio, thus ensuring maximum stability in relation to any dimensional variations. 

Technological innovation

The new slightly convex profile helps to facilitate water runoff from the flooring itself, thus rendering the surface less slippery and easier to walk on. The absence of water on the surface of the wood prevents the growth of moss and lichen, which can often result in slipperiness, above all in extremely humid environments. This profile also provides for greater dimensional stability, as it prevents the planks from warping over time.  The entire Outdoor collection is manufactured with the innovative convex profile as a standard feature.

Quick and effective installation thanks to the revolutionary and patented Clip JuAn® fastening system, which guarantees an estimated time savings of up to 40% . The Clip JuAn® elements come pre-assembled and spaced out along the structural nailing strips.In contrast to traditional systems, the Clip JuAn® system distances the wood from the surface of the sub-structure, thus improving the air circulation beneath the planks.

The solid wood planks by Listone Giordano Outdoor can be quickly and easily removed using the appropriate tools. The simultaneous movement of the two tools allows for the clip to be raised and removed, thus facilitating the maintenance and cleaning. As opposed to that which occurs with traditional fastening systems, the Clip JuAn® fastening system allows for the replacement of the wooden planks without the use of visible screws. 

The Listone Giordano Outdoor KITS are entirely manufactured using materials that are highly resistant to any alterations that can be caused by exposure to the elements. The aluminium sub-structure and the polyoxymethylene clips guarantee maximum stability when subjected to external stress factors. The clips, which are completely shielded from the UV rays provide for a quick and safe fastening system. The Clip JuAn® has been used to install nearly one million square metres of flooring.

Natural protection

The Listone Giordano OUTNATURE finish was developed using natural oils with a high degree of penetration, which are capable of rendering the wood material extremely resistant. The industrially-controlled finishing process provides uniform protection over the entire surface of each plank, thus eliminating the risks commonly associated with on-site application. The complete protection along the four sides of each individual plank prevents moisture from being absorbed by the underside, where cracks and breaks can often form. The Thermowood version of the Listone Giordano OUTNATURE finish, which arose as a specific treatment for heat-treated wood materials, is designed to maintain the wood's natural appearance and to prevent the treated surface from darkening.

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