Cologne, January 2020 - On the occasion of Imm 2020, from 13 to 19 January in Cologne, Listone Giordano, reference brand in the high-end wooden flooring sector, will be displaying its top-notch wood flooring products reinforcing the Company’s philosophy which is synonymous with excellence and innovation in the sector.

TO BE SEEN AT (Hall 4.2 | Stand B010 C009)

We pay homage to the German design spirit with two new wooden surfaces on show which are the successful outcome  of the creative cooperation with architect Alexander Brenner: Between and Conte  will be featured for the first time in Cologne. These innovative floors are the unusual combination of  Listone Giordano's rich knowledge of wood and the reinterpretation of the Stuttgart based architect, who has already used the products he designed in his own ambitious residential projects. "The goal is to create something unique," says Brenner. We all know that art comes to life  not only by putting different materials together, but organizing and fusing them with courage and great passion and by playing on proportions. Wood and brass, a connection between contrasting materials imbued of a serene lightness that recalls the past but, given the modalities, is brand new. Conte, on the other hand, enlivens the attention on the authenticity of the geometrical shape with square and rectangular modules that create fluid sequences and free spaces”.

In addition to these collections, at IMM Listone Giordano will retrace the history of Natural Genius, a collection that is embedded in the Company heritage where the genius of the creative moment is rewarded. This fascinating journey, has begun over a decade ago with Michele De Lucchi's Medoc, and now incorporate international design excellence of the like of Patricia Urquiola,. Daniele Lago, Marc Sadler, Paola Lenti and last but not least Matteo Thun.

Listone Giordano is synonymous all over the world of wood floors’ excellence, a recognition built over the years and strengthened every day by the commitment and enthusiasm of all the people who work to make this product, moved by the ambition to reach perfection.

In addition to wood technology and aesthetic research, Listone Giordano has always placed respect for nature and the most authentic adherence to the heritage of Italian culture, art and lifestyle at the center of its identity.

These levers can become a rich source of innovation and an element of true differentiation on the market when they have the ability to feed products and brand of unique values: some materials and immediately visible, others intangible, but not for this reason less concrete and decisive in the company entrepreneurial success.

Among the fundamental vocations of Listone Giordano, there has always been the constant strive for a synthesis between terms that are not always easily reconciled: aesthetics and ethics, external beauty and substance, appearance and essence, surface and pulp, concepts that among other things they also translate into the harmonization between man and nature, industry and the environment, technology and health.


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