The Outdoor collection between technology and design

Innovation and excellence, which have always distinguished Listone Giordano's products, are also fully expressed in the new outdoor versions. All the wood species featured in the Listone Giordano Outdoor collections are perfectly suitable for outdoor use thanks to their high resistance to mechanical stress and the elevated content of natural extractors that provide extra stability and durability.

Listone Giordano Decking

Listone Giordano Outdoor offers a full range of excellent quality wooden outdoor flooring of high technological value. Structural solutions that are capable of completing any outdoor area based on any design requirements, thus extending the living area outdoors in an entirely safe and seamless manner.

And exclusive selection of highly weatherproof wood materials, combined with an innovative structural system that's been specifically designed and patented to ensure long-lasting residential flooring installations. Thanks to the careful selection of the materials and the flexibility of the individual structural elements, the company is capable of offering numerous solutions for covering any outdoor surface, including gardens, terraces, porches, and swimming pool decks.

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Listone Giordano Marine

This innovative Outdoor collection embodies the high-tech wood floor model. It is a constructive solution in the hands of architects and professionals to  furnish open spaces and respond to the different design needs, thus enhancing the pleasure of living outside in total safety and harmony with the interior. An exclusive wood like Teak, specifically selected because of its intrinsic external resistance characteristics, combines a unique, patented construction system to offer durable (residential and non-residential) floors.

The innovative OUTNATURE finishing, industrially applied, is the result of the development of highly resistant natural oils characterized by a great permeation capacity of the wood fibers. The controlled finishing process, provides a homogenous protection’s application on the surface, without the risks associated with the application on-site during summer time.

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