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The philosophy is written within this great book, which remains constantly open before our eyes (I say the universe), but it cannot be understood if one does not first learn to understand the language, and get to know the characters in which it is written.

Galileo Galilei, Il Saggiatore, 1624

The Project

The project, which is inspired by the geometric representation of the Pythagorean theorem, is the result of an intense partnership between Listone Giordano and Paola Lenti.

The geometrical modules may even be installed on the wall to turn into unusual wainscoting and dyed in surprisingly bright colours – Acqua, Olio, Ottano and Grafite – that leave the natural veining of the material visible.

Geometric Dissections and Transpositions
London: Bell & Sons, 1891
Henry Perigal, Jr.
Henry Perigal
Pythagora’s theorem demonstration

wood flooring
Elementi Fuorisalone ©Paola Lenti – Milano | Graphite
wood flooring


Choosing wood flooring is an important step in the process of decorating your home.
The Listone Giordano Guide came about to handle all your questions, and many others you didn’t even know you had. Simply and clearly.

A guide
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wood flooring

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