San Lorenzo Yacht - Cannes

Project: San Lorenzo Yacht
Place: Cannes Yachting Festival
Product: Natural Genius Biscuit
Design: SanLorenzo Style Center | Patricia Urquiola
Year: 2020

San Lorenzo presents the first yacht designed by Patricia Urquiola in Cannes

The ability to open up to new suggestions while remaining faithful to his legacy, the audacity to dare pushing boundaries beyond the limits and imagine innovative solutions, have led Sanlorenzo to tie his destiny to the world of design thanks to prestigious collaborations.

The designer's involvement brings about her personal, feminine touch to the interior concept, thanks to her ability to combine beauty and comfort. Her ironic gaze and an almost poetic sensitivity is a consistent part of the recipe made of love for what is glocal and a great respect for handmade, craftwork.

To dress up the yacht 28-meter long horizontal surface, the designer selected a slightly revisited version of Biscuit woodfloor. The Natural Genius parquet collection tailor made by Listone Giordano carries the sign of nature and feminine elegance with it, making this wood texture one of a kind.