Bucherer watch and Jewelry in Monaco

Location: Monaco
Product: Special Contract collection
Architects: Interior design Blocher Partner
Year: 2020

The interior designers already have brought various projects to life for the renowned Swiss watch and jewellery retailer Bucherer. Recently, they designed a shop for the brand’s first independent appearance of Bucherer Fine Jewellery, at Selfridges in London. The shop combines a feminine and luxurious impression with light touch.

The traditional Swiss watch and jewellery manufacturer is expanding its presence in the Bavarian capital. To that end, the interior designers developed a concept that represents both high-quality design and high quality living. Since 2007, Blocher Partner has brought several projects to fruition for Bucherer.

Hardwood flooring of marble and oak literally underscores the luxurious ambiance in the watch and jewellery departments. This specific project in Munich boasts a custom design XXL Herringbone pattern in Oak Biancoperla hue. What colour could be more appropriate than the one of rare opalescent pearls?