The wood floor

In 1984 this patented invention, inspired by the technical genius of Prof. Guglielmo Giordano, was the decisive step in a process leading to a revolutionary wood floor going beyond the limits of traditional solid parquet, thus opened a new era. Stability, precision, reliability, beauty, durability and eco-friendly approach are the key words to this extraordinary success.

Listone Giordano’s technological heart lays in the special birch multilayer support that in association with transversal incisions and micrometric tongue-and-groove system optimize stability and indeformability overtime.

A unique product characterized by the accurate selection of the finest wood species sourced directly from the forest, unique sawing techniques, marine glue, eco-friendly finishes, high-precision mechanic processing, sophisticated selection criteria. The cutting-edge frontier is the contemporary design reinterpreting new shapes and surfaces.  


Multilayer Listone Giordano

All of the finest hardwood species used to manufacture our wood floor is the result of an accurate selection of the raw material and unique processing technique. Despite having different physical and mechanical properties each wood species ensures optimal hardness for its application. Color, texture, natural design are the qualities that drive the choice of a hardwood floor.

The technological core right from its beginnings is North-European Birch plywood with a cross grain construction guarantees a maximum of stability to the product. Five or seven correctly assembled layers assure a product of excellent mechanical properties. This patented support base offers great resistance to the natural expansion and contractions of the above hardwood layer.

A specific phenolic glue between the layers assures extreme resistance of the product. The Birch cross-ply construction bonded together with marine glue, as the one used in the navy construction, guarantees maximum protection against humidity and for outdoor conditions. After gluing the multilayer undergoes further controls through ultrasound scans to check any minor adherence defects.

The choice of the finish is of primary importance when it goes down to the wood floor protection. Varnish or oil finishes are the two predominant categories as the may affect the aesthetical appearance of the flooring itself as well as our lifestyle.
What do we prefer? Easy maintenance and practicality or tactile experience and total naturalness? Probably the ideal solution is a good balance of both ingredients.

  • Wood floor in the bathroom and kitchen

    Real wood flooring has always been a no-no for bathrooms and kitchens, where the moist atmosphere (45-65% recommended humidity content and 15-30°C temperature) and surface water can cause gapping, shrinking and other disasters.  Now it has become an interior design trend enhancing the depth and sense of continuity of the rooms.   The top layer of a Listone Giordano floor is a single precision cut strip of premium hardwood. Its stable multi-layered base renders the floor immune to temperature and humidity changes, eliminating capping, cupping and splitting. Listone Giordano is so stable that it can even be used with underfloor central heating. Sigilplus is specially developed for varnished floors:  recommended after installation is designed to penetrate the joints of the floor, making top and side junctions water-repellent.

    To remove liquids from the surface as soon as possible it is however strongly recommended. Enjoy one of the delights of a wood floor, the freedom and pleasure to walk barefoot.