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- 1 year ago

THG Arkitektar designs Iceland Parliament Hotel, the new destination in the land of ice and fire

It is a must-visit destination for exploring the capital of the land of fire. It is located in a complex […]
- 3 years ago

A contemporary villa mirroring the spirit of Istanbul

Habif Mimarlık / Architects Foto: İbrahim Özbunar A bridge between Europe and Asia, a meeting point between East and West, […]

- 3 years ago

The light of Andalusia breathes new life in a historic apartment in Sevilla

Casa Puri is a refurbishing project located in the warm heart of Sevilla where different cultures co-habit side by side. […]
- 3 years ago

Kālida Sant Pau: when architecture improves the quality of life for people with cancer

The innovative Kālida Sant Pau in Barcelona project was launched with the goal of supporting people with cancer, their caregivers and […]

- 3 years ago

Villa Tyra: a romance in the venetian island

Who has not looked back for a view of the Venetian Island when driving along the bridges between Downtown and South Beach? This group of […]
- 3 years ago

Barcelona’s AP House immerses visitors into Audemars Piguet’s timeless creation

The Audemars Piguet private apartment, designed to cater to clients in a space more akin to a lounge or penthouse […]

- 4 years ago

The great wild outdoor: ideas and dreams for living en plein air

One of the joys of summer is living in the great outdoor, whether it’s waking up in the morning sun […]
- 4 years ago

A surface for every room: wood for a laid-back luxury interior

Top designers are using wood flooring in a variety of interiors all over the world. How could it be otherwise? Hardwood flooring has—for centuries—been […]

- 4 years ago

The wood in architecture bridges East and West

We feature Grasse County designed by Chou Shuyu and Xiangshan Qingqin residential project by Baptiste Bohu “Conceptual and theoretical experimentation […]
- 4 years ago

Cultivating forests: a two-century long journey.

Not everyone knows just how long it takes for an oak tree to complete its life cycle in a forest […]

- 4 years ago

Juliette de Charrière’s intuitive relationship with space writes a new chapter in the interior design philosophy of a ‘90s dwelling

Situated in the historic village of Posieux, near Friburg  in Switzerland, this ‘private villa” built in the 1990’s benefits from magnificent views […]
- 4 years ago

Listone Giordano Arena in Milan is food for the brain: genesis and metamorphoses 

A comparison can cast light on the contrasting values of two civilizations or, conversely, point out that despite differences in […]

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