parquet wood floor oak penthouse new york  samantha gore

There is no lack of space, light nor color in this Upper West Side Manhattan apartment.

Nestled between Riverside and Central Park, the Upper West Side is one of the greenest parts of Manhattan. Known worldwide for its popular attractions such as the Museum of Natural History and Lincoln Center, the Upper West Side’s lively bistros and laid-back social and cultural scene defy expectations in this vibrant and cosy uptown neighbourhood. You will instantly connect with the neighbourhood’s intimate and welcoming spirit.

Clean lines, clear neutrals and smooth finishes are the backdrop for the client’s unique furniture and furnishings that express a relaxed elegance where comfort and color take center stage. Deep and vibrant saturated hues inspired by the Florentine Renaissance, plush textures and sleek forms, woven textiles and taut, supple leather combine to complement the expansive living and dining areas and adjacent kitchen of this 4.000 square foot home.

parquet wood floor oak penthouse new york samantha gore

This environment is colorfully edged in upholstered window seat cushions along the expanses of the outer wall.

The warm, colorful bedroom suites stem off a long corridor unfolding as separate and distinct spaces offering visual variety while staying part of a cohesive home designed for life in the Big Apple with specialized lighting throughout, wallpaper that evokes the nature and bath tiles that act as art.

The geometric Slide and Classica Biancospino Oak floors are the centrepiece: wood exudes a natural charm, one of its original characteristics being that its fibre is pure pulp. It’s a simple yet rich material. A free and creative surface that bears the sharp, unmistakable mark of an international designer who dares to break down an everyday “object” and transport it into a new dimension, where the grid of the project outlines the perimeter of a space inhabited by human energy and emotion.

parquet wood floor oak penthouse new york samantha gore

Paintings and drawings by Samantha Gore were added to the space to maximize the visual experience. Quality and innovation are translated into a new form of architectural cladding.

Samantha Gore is a New York-based interior designer and artist known for her ability to transform spaces from ordinary to innovative. With a focus on creativity, detail, and visual balance, Samantha specializes in functional designs that resonate and inspire, making every home and space truly special.

parquet wood floor oak penthouse new york samantha gore

Founded in 2007, Samantha Gore Interiors + Design has a reputation for creating imaginative spaces that foster joy, connection, and calm. And since she believes in the transformative power of aesthetics, Samantha treats each new project as an opportunity to help her clients connect with their own selves,
loved ones, and homes in more meaningful ways.


Using her acute perception of the environment’s impact on human experience, divergent thinking, and instinctive understanding for color, form, texture, pattern, lighting, and flow, Samantha specializes in creating balanced, elegant living spaces that reflects the originality of their inhabitants and improves the
quality of their day-to-day lives.

parquet wood floor oak penthouse new york samantha gore

With a Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University, certificates in Image Consulting from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Interior Design from Parsons School of Design, and years spent working for global luxury brands, LVMH and Fendi, Samantha Gore’s education and experience is evident
in her elevated style.

In addition to her artistic studies, she draws inspiration from her time residing in Florence, Italy, Paris, New York, and many summers on Cape Cod—places acknowledged for their influence on contemporary style and design.

parquet wood floor oak penthouse new york samantha gore


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