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The positive sense of the crisis, the pursuit of new positive emotions.

Read, read everything you wanted to read and couldn’t, because you realized that you were connected to a digital device,  get back to being curious, experiment unknown scientific and artistic disciplines, just try it!

Talk, talk a lot, with all those you have forgotten, friends, far or near, those with whom you had an intimacy that got lost, friends you could not do without.

Foto credits Alex Majoli

Talk to your old parents, or with a son you haven’t seen for years, disclose the phonetic wonder of the most beautiful sound ever heard: the word, let it swallow you.

Get close to people, feel their magnetic fields, because fear is a pathogenic  corona virus like any other, treat it like a cold.

Discover the unknown, go back to being brave, because men should be like this, venture to other territories, get rid of the “all inclusive” formula and be forward-looking , run away, lose your tracks, every now and then, that’s what you need.

Ponder  for a long time on the widespread slime in which we are drowning, deprived of impulses, healthy eroticism, explosive physicality, look, someone with emotion and desire, find the passion that you no longer remembered and maybe what sitting just beside you.

Embrace love, as if there was nothing else to do, and as if it were the ultimate function because,  this little sentient animal, which is the outcome of evolution, cry, get excited and shout, make the world understand what a man demands.

Think how to improve  yourself, because you are, each one of us is better than we think we are, even Matteo Uno and Matteo Due, even the greedy banker, the head of the Mafia, the unrepentant pedophile, the serial hitter of girls, and also Weinstein.

Be true to yourself, try to do good things without worrying about the benefit, the price, and above all the image that by dint of alter reality bears no trace of it anymore.

Foto credits Alex Majoli

Throw the mask away (even the surgical mask), let our beauty glow and tenderness as well, the wonderful weakness that we all hide with unnecessary effort.

Let’s get in shape,  do avoid alteration status as result of the use of temporary substances, it’s better to look for Dionysus engaged with the contemporary, but keep away from chemicals. The crisis gives us back the lost time, unknown sounds, spaces, new forms of darkness, of silence, we are supposed to exaggerate – no doubt about it – though in a philosophical sense.

Finally, flee boredom and customs, build opportunities that can shine on you, act according to a different ethics, where aesthetics cannot be forced to endure pseudo-religious annihilation.

Every human being must pursue beauty, should find his intimate desire, when cinemas, theaters, museums are forced to shut down, the possibility of building our own individuality  on the ground of beauty and goodness rises.

Foto credits Alex Majoli

Write down everything that goes through your mind, speak the word, make an effort to tell the truth, even if filtered by the social hut, make everyone understand how good it feels to be honest, sincere, loving and capable of unselfishly admiring someone, even the Italian Prime Minister Conte that in the roaring chaos, and among the barking, he keeps  a gentle and calm attitude which makes him a hallmark to be looked upon.

Commit yourself to the things that you have always loved and that you risk forgetting, if only to learn playing the guitar or cooking  at sixty, or start training again, the real thing, in the park, learn to discern true from fake.

It is not difficult, try to think about the beauty of diversity, not only borders, walls, because in this allegedly puzzling time instead of losing our head we could recover our own independent way of thinking.

Detox from the obsessive news and talk shows Tiggiuno, Tiggidue, tiggitre, dimartedì, ottoemezzo, propaganda, piazza pulita   They should resume their tv entertainment role.

Make sense out of politics and culture which are not what they made you believe on the screen, full of glitter, Barbara d’Urso hosts entertainment not news, albeit she spoke of Picasso or De Gaulle.

The emotional and soundless break we are experiencing fosters the return to the pleasure of reflection, to another, different perception of time, because there is a new way to get together, saving ourselves from the evil ritual of cocktails in a desperate nightlife.

Loneliness is not always a mutilation, it may help us listening to our old heartbeat, the one which struggles to make us feel alive again.

Let’s not miss this opportunity because in a few days, a few hours, everything will get back to normal, but perhaps for someone, there will be the possibility to demonstrate that we can get out of the media hen house, in this case the social quarantine would not have been meaningless.

Foto Cover credits © Paco Carrascosa, © Jan Bitter, © Beat Widmer

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