At full capacity, DesignTech – the co-working brand identity – will host 1000 workstations pumping new blood into the building.

If you think that the etymology of the word design is rooted in the English vocabulary, you might be mistaken.

The etymology of the term owes much to the Latin “signum”, yet lively and meaningful language, which straightforward leads us to unravel its hidden meaning in the sense of  designating, thus giving destination, entrusting a function, creating within data constraints. Draw the signs, hence the sense of establishing boundaries goes along with the meaning of tracing the first lines of a drawing or a painting.

In this direction, the new design “hub” is due to be built in the former Expo area of Milan, has been designed to host both furniture and high-tech companies and start-ups. An active engagement with the future keeps its roots firmly planted in the fruitful terrain of Milanese creativity and inventiveness, working elbow to elbow with  companies who stand up to the test of turning design into products, taming the logic of industrial production lines and make design blossoms from caterpillar to chrysalis.


A common “home” for architects, designers, digital designers and innovative companies that combines and leverages a variety of skills in the field of design, professionals drawn together to  work on the ambitious digital transformation project in the ever growing strategic field of interior furniture.

At full capacity, DesignTech – the co-working brand identity – will host 1000 workstations pumping new blood into the building designed by Michele De Lucchi for Intesa San Paolo, one of Expo 2015 temporary architectures that has now been turned into a permanent feature.

“ The Co-working will kick off in October, tells Ivan Tallarico, CEO of Hi-Interiors who promotes the project- and it is only the first of a three-level steps’ project: the shared workspace will bring different professionals, companies and start-ups together under the same roof. Alongside SMEs and design operators in the broad sense – furniture, fashion and automotive just as well – DesignTech will host technologies and digital solutions’ suppliers who will help design companies to master emerging technologies”.

Up to the second level is the Co-living, which is due to become a reality in 2022 in the West Gate area, not far from Rho exhibition center.

“Our idea – goes on Tallarico – is to create a sort of large showroom where companies and start-ups will reside for a few months in order to test the design solutions”.

The Co-Factory is the third piece of the puzzle: a real factory, ready to making prototypes and testing the products as the output of the freely creative work of designers and start-ups.

“We aim at creating an open innovative production logic – explains the CEO – offering an optimized and shared space with other partners, therefore more attractive and accessible for investments”.

DesignTech boasts the goal of changing gear on the diffusion and use of innovative digital technologies in the design sector, thus prompting on the paradigm of cultural evolution as well, thanks to the connection with technology.

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 “Italy fosters a rich culture of the project, which also applies to companies, albeit a persistent difficulty in incorporating technological elements in the projects is still part of our lives. We now realize, facing the hard times brought on us by the Coronavirus crisis, how vital technology is proving. “

The first Call to the contest – call4Solutions- has been entirely managed from remote, so we will be able to select the best companies and start-ups to provide furnishing solutions for the co-working spaces.

It’s no time to stop in Milan, we are all encouraged to innovate while not moving in space, nevertheless we can design over time.

An international initiative, whose communication and press promotion will be entrusted to Ghenos, led by Gabriella Del Signore, a highly experienced Pr nurtured by the historical lady of Milanese design such as Maddalena De Padova (founder of De Padova brand and eclectic showroom). A new communication challenge for her, in a sector deeply revolutionized by the events of recent years, on the verge of the dualism between crisis and opportunity, which has left dead and wounded on the field, while trying to keep alive the untamed spirit of “renaissance”.


“I am delighted to be joining in this important project- Del Signore explains- I have been working as an Interior Design Pr for over two decades and I’ve always shared the view of all the operators, as well as customers and strategic players of the market, that a well-rounded project was in demand to empower Milan (not only during the Milan Design Week)  with new tools to cater for ideas, creativity, skill, style and innovation for Italian Design.

When I was submitted the innovative DesignTech project and offered the opportunity to be the communication partner, I realized that we were on the right path. The partners who support the initiative are absolutely top of the list, therefore Ghenos takes pride on working alongside these brands.

I hope to get few of our clients involved, the leading ones in their sectors of expertise.

Milan leads the way as the international design  capital, catalyzing the best talents from all over the world and deserves a first-class hub that host them.

After the automotive industry, which was the first to open up to the smart transformation of its production chain, fashion has followed up the same path.

Now the time has come for the furniture sector to ride the wave.

I believe that Design Tech is the best and most suitable dimension for our companies to be involved with and work side by side with the most innovative start-ups of our times.

The future of design lays in the design of the future!