convento giacobini

A sensitive renovation gives rise to a charming residence simply named “The Jacobin Convent” with a lovely private garden. It’s been a long process, but that’s part of the game as the architects’ aim was to remain as true and empathetic as possible to the history of the place. As Burgundy is conveniently placed for the oak forests of the Vosges and  the best grape varieties in the area.

The design by Atelier Rome, which works on both urban and residential scale, responds to strict criteria of sustainability and environmental protection. Its founders: M. Fabio Cummaudo (graduated from the University of Venice) and Clémence Cantenot based in Paris, experience firsthand the ecological responsibility they instill in all their projects. The inspiration behind the architects’ masterful and meticulous renovation project was a desire to divulge the intimate and covert strength of the historic building’s spiritual dimension and enhance the characteristic features of a small building originally designed for hospitality purposes and infused with natural light.

french oak hotel burgundy parquet

This mid-seventeenth-century convent is encircled by stone walls guarding a lovely courtyard garden. The painstaking renovation work then shifted its focus to the interior to create a welcoming family atmosphere rather than a hotel feel, featuring common areas – a large living room with capacious sofas and soft turquoise chairs, antique furnishings, a piano revealing the passage of time and art work on the ground floor – inviting guests to socialise in a laid-back, sophisticated atmosphere, while the bedrooms are on the upper floors.

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An oasis of peace suffused with age-old values and experience, where history is around every ancient white-plastered-stone corner, enhancing the uniqueness of the place. All design choices, natural materials, fabrics and details were studied to infuse the historic building with a sense of continuity.

french oak hotel burgundy parquet

The construction plan fully respected the original design layout of the convent and the geometric spirit of the space, expertly combining materials and colour.

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In uncluttered architecture combining Italian charm with pure French style, the architects opted to express their creative freedom in an undemonstrative way. Deeply in love with craftsmanship values, they gave a contemporary touch to the furniture pieces with natural materials such as stone and wood.

french oak hotel burgundy parquet

The use of healthy and sustainable materials encompassed heritage wood flooring collections in French oak, rigorously certified and traceable through its entire forestry and production management chain.

Heritage Città della Pieve Filigrana texture features a fascinating, highly scenographic chevron geometric pattern. It is the perfect setting for everyday life and the art of living together, including on holiday.

french oak hotel burgundy parquet

In tune with their design philosophy, this renovation enhances the historical character of the building while creating a forward-looking and durable architecture, for a functional and better quality of life. The consistent use of natural materials makes space for the Heritage wood floor in certified French Oak.

Listone Giordano manages the entire life cycle: from the forestry to the production chain. The Chevron pattern adds an extra touch of charm to the Città della Pieve filigrana texture.Citta’ della Pieve sits prettily on a hill where Umbria – the green heart of Italy – skirts the border of Tuscany, and this makes the perfect connection with the centuries-old forest of France.