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Laguna Faro Suites was designed by the architecture firm Archest, resulting in a true sun-kissed five-star oasis in a discreet corner of the lagoon.

“Grado is the daughter of Aquileia and mother of Venice” quot. This is how the old people of the island used to describe this small lagoon town closely linked to the history of Aquileia and its river port.

These suites are an innovative idea in the crowded thematic hospitality sector. The renovated facilities are reserved for single adult guests, and located on the island of Grado in North-East Italy (between Trieste and Venice).

Connected to the mainland by a thin strip of land, it is now a delightful tourist and spa resort known as the Golden Island or the First Venice due to its historical events that date back to 1600 years ago. Grado was the seat of the Patriarchate of Venice, which is why the city was enriched with religious buildings, including the Duomo itself. The return of the Patriarch to Venice in 1451 marked the beginning of a slow decline for the island (in 1797 it was under Austrian rule and then returned to being an Italian territory at the end of World War I).

Grado Italy
Grado, Italy

The construction of the Suites was entrusted to Archest studio, specialised in architecture and engineering projects in a variety of fields. The firm focuses especially on the integration of architecture into the landscape and urban context, always researching design solutions that are highly sustainable.

Patricia Urquiola, one of the world’s most celebrated designers and architects, curated the interior design layout of all the suites and outdoor space. She was born in Spain, and after studying architecture in Madrid, she completed her training in Milan with her maestro Achille Castiglioni and she worked with Vico Magistretti and Piero Lissoni.

Her one-woman show studio is specialised in industrial design, architecture, art direction and creative strategy. She has been creative director of Cassina since 2015, Urquiola has collaborated with some of the most important design companies and international groups, including B&B Italia, Haworth, Louis Vuitton, Moroso, Flos, Kvadrat, BMW, Starbucks, Missoni, Ferrari and Swarovski.

Laguna Faro Suites, her recent hospitality interior design project, has just opened in Grado, within walking distance from the nearby Laguna Palace. The Suites are exclusively for an adult clientele and fit into the surrounding landscape with a desire to incorporate all the small details that make it unique and extraordinary. The soul of the project, a brilliant, creative mind with a magic touch, Patricia Urquiola and her team designed the interiors of the 34 suites with the goal of recreating a warm and welcoming environment where guests can feel at home.


“In addition to the natural elements, with this project we also wanted to include the memory of generations gone by, who adapted their habits and technologies to the environment that surrounded them,” says the designer.

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“There is, in fact, a strong reference to the use of ropes, straw, reeds and wood; these elements were prevalent in traditional typical fishermen’s buildings called CASONI, which were once inhabited by local people, and they inspired the architect’s selections. Patricia designed the Laguna Faro Suites by seeking that connection with its pre-existing environment.

The rich color palette inspired by the natural Grado lagoon and elements of the nautical world were brought into the design project. Furthermore, the lagoon landscape is an active part of the project thanks to the scenic views and the generous outdoor spaces and terraces.

The rooms are flooded with natural light through large windows creating different nuances with reflections on the various materials throughout the hours of the day. The feminine touch and refined style of the suites speaks the language of the minimalistic elegance and comfort of the Suites: from the bistrot to the infinity pool on the breath-taking panoramic terrace, from the SPA with sauna and Turkish bath to the fitness area with a relaxation oasis.

Guests of this new structure can also benefit from the services, wellness, food and wine at the twin Laguna Palace Hotel, as well as the exclusive Tivoli establishment, to enjoy the beach in total privacy. A wholesome and natural material such as wood lives well by the sea too. The lightly heat-treated Atelier Désir Civita surface is a testament to this.


It is a harmonious and balanced collection, inspired by the vision of a masterpiece entitled The Seer, painted by Giorgio de Chirico in 1915. Reinterpreting the proportions of the narrow, elongated strips that characterised wooden floors of old, Désir traces the vanishing lines of space by defining unprecedented perspectives.

Désir blends perfectly with the elegant interiors of the Suites, providing the opportunity to create customised combinations and adding a natural feel that is not only visual, but also tactile.

Special thanks to Patricia Urquiola Press Office

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