Penthouse Tel Aviv

The design concept was to imbue this home with positive feelings and emotions -say Oshri and Dana (Oshri Aviram & Dana Kushmirski) off the top of their minds-  enhancing the sense of freedom experienced during a relaxing stay in a suite-hotel“. 

The designers’ vision aimed at creating a home where the owners could feel the embracing calm engendered by the design and the full, complete aesthetic atmosphere.

penthouse tel aviv

Floor-to ceiling glass windows – overlooking the bustling city of Tel Aviv and its beaches –  frame the open layout living room and kitchen, accentuating a sense of infinity amplified by the strategic use of natural light and neutral surfaces. The penthouse’s fluid identity hinges on this feeling of boundlessness between home and hotel suite, art and design, inside and outside. The main floor has been designed as an indulgent, elegant suite.

Alongside the consistency and balance of the overall concept, the careful planning of the home creates a perfect continuity between the spaces thanks to a connecting thread in architecture, materials, and design elements that bring the design together and create a harmonious living space.

For those living in this serene space, the design kindles a good mood, positive sensations and feelings. It is a space to enjoy; it is pleasant, soothing and calming.

Tel Aviv Skyline

Natural beauty is part of it both inside and outside thanks to the combination of materials, form, light and colour; essential but yet luxurious materials – marble, metal and wood – decorate the interior with a sense of continuum. The designers created a space where life can be enjoyed, a space in which all can feel contentment.   

Fabrique wood flooring in soft Corde hue is the innovative surface that runs seamlessly throughout the house bridging the living and kitchen with the bedrooms and bathrooms area.

Fabrique is a dynamic collection that revolutionizes the parquet concept endowing wood with a “textile feeling”. The soul and the essence of matter thus emerge on the surface, giving it a completely new and surprising personality, capable of giving dynamism, character and uniqueness to every space. Fabrique redefines the classic aesthetic guidelines of wood flooring, setting it apart once again, and consecrating it to the world of contemporary design.

Oshridana, the design duo: the creative partnership

Oshri Aviram & Dana Kushmirski believe in “First Concept, then Design”. In-depth, creative thinking precedes the planning and design stage. That means thorough consideration of the space, the environment and the constraints in the program, the client’s character and lifestyle; all in order to create a personalized design for each individual client.

penthouse tel aviv frabrique wood floor

They customize until the crystallization of a precise, design concept that makes the project unique and only then we begin the planning and design process.

Working together as a pair enables them to process the design concept to the optimum. They come up with their own ideas and directions, then they refine them into a unified, taut idea, in which the whole is more than the sum of its individual parts.

LEGGI ANCHE – Acqua di Parma Milan: a sensual architecture

The passion and commitment to creativity and design and love of people drive them towards original thinking and creativity that challenges them with each new project.

Throughout this process, they search for what is special, without falling into the trap of choosing the most convenient, well known and safe options. In each project, their passion for original thinking creates that special difference. The design language is expressed in every project but the final imprimatur is of course in the client’s hands.

Penthouse Tel Aviv 3

The materials, designs and elements selected for each project integrate a range of styles and generate a fascinating, visual conversation in the space. That conversation is rich, it has presence; it is the source for a pleasant, warm, calming atmosphere, while at the same time it is a personal, individual and authentic statement.

They believe in “Honest Design” – which means the honesty of natural materials and their practicality, organic design that introduces nature itself into the space, creating the feeling and the look of material vitality and freshness.

LEGGI ANCHE – The Ritz-Carlton Amman mixes European flair with rich Jordanian heritage

A journey based on natural materials and their uniqueness continues unabated. The duo seeks out ways to bring natural materials to life, delight in discovering natural materials anew; their significance and internal integrity; their unique potential beauty rising above known limits.

The use of the principal materials found in nature is based on a range of metals, wood and stone that they combine into a material diversity in surfaces, large and small masses, differently processed or in their natural state; worked by artisans’ hands; in layers and in blocks; organic materials with natural or worked textures. Each material has its own language that is in intimate synergy with the languages of all the other materials.

penthouse tel aviv

Each completed project is the full-blown expression of their common passion and respect for natural materials and the creation of new relationships between the traditional skills of local artisans and modern technologies.

The studio focuses on interior design for homes, offices and stores. Through the conceptualization process, the work gives way to the intense focus on originality, precision and the creation of a meticulous, harmonious balance in the space and an experience that is clean, refined and aesthetic. Their approach encompasses every aspect of interior design based on true appreciation of light, materials, form and colour aiming to provide creative design with out-of-the-ordinary links between the materials, even if their implementation is complex.

Penthouse Tel Aviv

Beyond the aesthetic experience in the space, Oshro and Dana also feel the urge to understand the sensitivities, the experience created for those living in that space. Sensitivities lead to feelings. Atmosphere creates feelings. It must be pleasant to live in the space and it must feel good to be part of that space.

They make unceasing efforts to create a design that is timeless; a design that is creative and innovative; modern and very importantly, relevant to the comfortable style of living in the world of today.         

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