Design: Giancarlo Bosio + Centro ricerche Giorgetti

Giorgetti designed this decorative wood surface drawing inspiration from the French Goderon. The surface composition, consisting of different triangular and rhomboid shapes fitted together side by side, gives rise to different patterns.

Godron – Noce Canaletto natural

Listone Giordano and Giorgetti give life to Godron. An evocative product and from the strong decorative value, brings a touch of genius in the wooden surface designed by Giorgetti to embellish her living spaces, classic and refined at the same time. Quality and innovation! Architectural cladding in natural American walnut or gray, obtained by different methods of laying using triangular tiles and rhomboid, the latter with or without bevel.

Giancarlo Bosio racconta Godron
Moduli base

The decoration is obtained from the particular geometry of the tiles and from 3 different glossing and saturation effects of the color of the canaletto walnut color. Thanks to the different laying methods it is possible to obtain multiple patterns.”Godron” derives from the old French goderon, it is a model of ornament in the form of a hollow or protruding molding, or of groove in relief, ovoid in shape, used to decorate the bounced belly of a vase or the convex surfaces of the technical moldings that it can be found in inflated or crossed ornaments, positioned at the edges of silver plates, services of watchmaking. This decorative motif could have been present in designs for houses, generally vertical, but also iron and round folds with strawberries and crops. It is also said of the form given to the collar of the Renaissance costumes. The term godron is also used in architecture to design ornaments in moldings.

Technical information

Spessore strato a vista:
0,6 mm
Spessore supporto triangoli:
13,7 – 13,90 mm
Spessore totale triangoli:
14,3 – 14,5 mm
Spessore supporto rombi:
max: 15,2 – 15,40 / min 13,7 – 13,90 mm
Spessore totale rombi:
max: 15,8 – 16,0 / min 14,3 – 14,5 mm
multistrato controbilanciato
8,60 kg/m2
Resistenza termica:
0,109 m2 k/w

Modulo 1 – Modulo 2
Modulo 3 – Modulo 4
Schema di posa 1
Schema di posa 2


11. Noce Canaletto natural – 2W. Noce Canaletto Gray

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