#natural genius

- 4 years ago

Boston Consulting Group: a brand new headquarter in Miami

Boston Consulting Group headquarter in Miami Project by Stefano Pasqualetti Established in 2003, Boston consulting Group in Miami is one […]
- 4 years ago

Alexander Brenner grows into natural genius ambassador

Listone Giordano met the architect for the very first time years ago in Germany, in his Stuttgart-based atelier Alexander Brenner […]

- 4 years ago

What is like to live at the MoMa?

Asdrubal Franco, Andres Azpurua (Domoarchitecture+Onsite) Conceived as an investment to fund MoMA’s expenses, six of the tower’s 52 floors are […]
- 4 years ago

Pantone 2020: Natural Genius in the sign of classic blue

The color Pantone 2020 has just been announced, like every year! Surprisingly, we dive into the deep blue sea to […]

- 4 years ago

Biscuit wood floor: the feminine touch by Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola balances the sustainable quality of wood with formal creativity in a project for Listone Giordano. Confronting the world’s […]
- 4 years ago

Godron | Giorgetti

Design: Giancarlo Bosio + Centro ricerche Giorgetti Giorgetti designed this decorative wood surface drawing inspiration from the French Goderon. The […]

- 5 years ago

Patricia Urquiola. Design, precision, creativity

Patricia Urquiola, architect and designer, was born in Oviedo (Spain) in 1961. She lives and works in Milan, where she […]