An interior’s inspired aesthetics

With Listone Giordano Marine you can install an outdoor multilayer wood floor  featuring the same aesthetic  values and underfoot feel as a Listone Giordano indoor parquet. Listone Giordano Marine can also be installed indoors, thus allowing you to create seamless surfaces between the inside and outside of a house. As this solution, unlike raised decks, has no gap below the floor and no interspace between wood  boards thus facilitating the cleaning  and maintenance operations.

 The boards ‘surface features longitudinal grooves that not only enhance the product stability, but also ensure excellent non-slip performance in case of  wet flooring conditions.

High tech support

Listone Giordano Marine consists of prevalent crossed-fibre birch plywood multilayer support from North-eastern forests, to guarantee the non deformability of the product. This originally patented system provides unrivalled mechanical performance. In this way, the support maximizes resistance to the inevitable stresses imposed by the upper layer.

Two-Layer Technology

The crossed-fibers support layers are glued together using very high-performance marine adhesive as the one used in the naval field to ensure maximum performance in outdoor environment s and in extreme humidity conditions. After bonding, the multilayer is further checked through ultrasonic scans to verify that there are no minor adhesion defects that may cause problems over time.

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