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What makes up Listone Giordano?
A long history of business acumen

Listone Giordano is synonymous worldwide with excellence in premium wood flooring.
This reputation has been built over many years and is strengthened daily by the dedication and enthusiasm of all the people who work to create this product. They are driven by a single goal: perfection. An incomparable product, made for those who love quality living and look for excellence in their own home. A century-long entrepreneurial story which has contributed to convey the culture of wood and establish wood flooring as an integrated element of the interior project.


The Beginnings

Eugenio Margaritelli specialises in mechanical tools for agriculture and forestry.

1902 – Eugenio Margaritelli


Wood, Forest’s energy

Fernando Margaritelli moves the company into forestry and timber processing.

Carbone Margaritelli
Forest charcoal production 1930.
famiglia margaritelli
Family Portrait. 1900.


Margaritelli begins producing wooden railway sleepers on an industrial scale, becoming the main supplier for Italian State Railways.

ferrovie dello stato

Burgundy France.

The Fontaines sawmill is set up in France, an advanced production facility for forestry management and primary timber processing.

listone giordano parquet
albero foresta borgogna francia parquet


Listone Giordano

It was 1984 when Prof. Guglielmo Giordano ingeniously conceived a hardwood flooring of groundbreaking characteristics that improved the limits of traditional hardwood flooring and inaugurated a new era.

listone giordano brevetto
listone giordano parquet
ADV 1998

Stability, precision, reliability, beauty, long-life and respect for the environment are still the keywords to this huge success. The technological heart of Listone Giordano lies in the special multilayer birch support, which, together with the transversal incisions and micrometric joints make the hardwood floor stable over time and keep it from ever warping.



Listone Giordano develops its sales channels, introducing revolutionary change in terms of the distribution network in the wooden flooring market.

punti vendita listone giordano
listone giordano parquet
listone giordano parquet


The spirit of research behind Listone Giordano led to the creation in the year 2000 of the Guglielmo Giordano Foundation. Dedicated to the memory of Guglielmo Giordano, the foundation was established with the specific aim of promoting work in the same fields in which the renowned Italian wood expert carried out his scientific research and  cultural interests.

Therefore the Foundation promotes historical and technological studies and research on wood, and at the same time interacting with the art world, supporting seminars, conventions, large exhibitions, events and publications.

villa spinola
Villa Spinola.
Guglielmo Giordano Foundation Headquarter


With the creation of Listone Giordano Natural Genius, parquet meets distinctive design, the first experimental project challenging architects and designers to rethink wooden flooring for contemporary living.

Guggenheim museum - listone giordano
Solomon R. Guggenheim, NYC – 2006
Guggenheim museum - listone giordano
Solomon R. Guggenheim, NYC – 2006


Listone Giordano arena

On the occasion of the start of the Design week, Listone Giordano opens the Arena to the public.

However, the one designed by Michele De Lucchi is not just a store or a simple showroom, but a small agora, welcoming and intimate, where the imagination is free to seek new solutions for people’s lives. An environment where wood, a living and sustainable material, renews its promise of well-being and contemporary sensitivity in dialogue with other natural materials such as stone, metal, earth, glass.

Exchange and comparison were at home in the historic restaurant “La Penna d’Oca”, as they are today in Listone Giordano Arena.

Parquet Cabreuva
Parquet Foxtrot Listone Giordano Matteo Nunziati
Natural Genius | Danilo Rea in concerto
Parquet rovere naturale scuro