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Wood is a special material, projected by Nature and molded by time, with the wise mastery and the patient dedication, basis of every masterpiece. A material built respectfully by nature. Unlike other natural raw materials wood is a practically an inexhaustible resource as it’s nourished only by solar energy and rain falls. Wood lifecycle is very slow, but absolutely ecological and renewable, if conducted according to a sustainable forestry management.

A Forest cultivated, just like an agricultural soil, gives not only better products but also a significant social contribution.
Managed woods, with a controlled lifecycle that encourage wood usage and its regeneration, represent a systems not only capable of oxygen production but most of all of carbon dioxide retaining and reduction even more efficiently than the ones grown wild.

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from Fontaines.

Cultivating Forests.
A two-century
long embrace

As Listone Giordano is directly involved in promoting sustainable forestry, monitoring the supply chain and selecting the raw materials at source. This is the reason behind the Company’s presence, for over 50 years, for wood from the Burgundy region of France, as the area has a century-old tradition in sustainable forestry management.  
France boasts international reputation as the “model” country for sustainable and renewable forestry management, that preserves enormous forestry resources of 18? million hectares, more than one third of the entire surface. Every tree is numbered, cultivated, hacked up, hence systematically replaced with a new one respecting ancient regulations.
A meaningful figure that accounts for more than hundred words: a correct and responsible handing down from a generation to the next of this heritage, a gaze at the future and a strict observation of the rules, over the past century the French forest has doubled in surface and tripled the amount of volume of raw material.

Listone Giordano:
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Listone Giordano’s plants are located in the earth of Umbria surrounded by vineyards, hills and nature as they have been created to perfectly fit with the surroundings. Respecting the atmosphere, the soil, protect water clarity and the landscape, consuming less energy and recycling.
Here in the earth of Umbria wood floors and wines, renowned all over the world, born just few steps away one from the other, are synonyms with genius and excellence that so well distinguish “made in Italy” products. We don’t need to ask ourselves which is the right way go. The only way is the respect of man for the environment.


Città della Pieve.
A new forest of
25 thousand oaks

The italian certified forest.
Listone Giordano implemented in Città della Pieve Umbria, the green heart of Italy, the most important Italian re-implantation of broadleaf forest by planting 25.000 new Oak plants.
hectares of forest
hectares of woodland reforestation 
hectares of high trunk starting  
albero rovere