Heritage Herrigbone pattern

Listone Giordano proposes a real collection dedicated to this classic, elegant and refined herringbone pattern designed for those who fall an "ever-green" reinterpreted in a contemporary style
A wooden floor in which the ancient tradition embraces the cutting-edge values of our technological patent. The French poetically defined it as "baton rompu", the result obtained by breaking a "stick" into two parts. Certainly not identical, not perfectly symmetrical but with the possibility of recomposing the pieces according to a new geometry, namely the "herringbone" in different angles and widths  to differentiate the Italian from the French one.

Crystalcare Listone Giordano

Who does not yearn for walking barefoot on wood?

Feeling a natural warmth and emotion of well-being. Allowing children to play freely down on the floor of the house whilst experiencing all new tactile sensations. From now on everything can be done in conditions of maximal security and peace of mind thanks to the technology developed and manufactured by Listone Giordano in strict cooperation with ICRO spawned in the patent for Crystalcare. A substance added during the industrial process to the varnishing finish of the surface that has no downside, but only the advantage of better hygiene and health that lasts over time. The person at the center, its well-being and bacterial-free environment where he or she lives: this is the Crystalcare breakthrough.

News & Press

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