Listone Giordano Contract has established itself as one of the most important in the high-end interior finishes worldwide. A successful business project that has encouraged the Company to invest in long-term Research and development in order to fulfill its mission to deliver only premium quality. It is constantly striving to renew its solutions to dress the interior with a natural skin.
Parquet rovere naturale chiaro biscuit Patricia Urquiola
Parquet rovere naturale scuro michele de lucchi


An authentic interior project conceived as tailor-made. Wood is a living material that comes to life in a myriad of forms and compositions, to redefine living spaces according to the needs of those who live there, in compliance with health and environmental values.


Places intended for hospitality, which has now become a point of reference for international clientele. The wood finishes feature not only in rooms, but they appear in exclusive restaurants, meeting rooms, lounges and lobbies to create a warm atmosphere, all around.

Parquet rovere naturale scuro
Parquet rovere naturale per Hotel
Parquet wengè
Museo Pieta Rondannini Parquet
Parquet rovere naturale scuro Slide Daniele Lago

Public Space

Museums, art galleries, airports, corporate offices, executive rooms, restaurants, stores and much more. An array of spaces feature flooring or vertical cladding solutions to meet the most complex technical and aesthetic requirements.

parquet rovere puro chiaro
Boffi parquet rovere puro

Retail Store

An ever evolving and changing sector, where formats roll out at different speeds according to the vision of the designers in different countries. From fashion retail, to food and design, this project represents a major challenge which puts all areas of the company to the test: from production to after-sales service.

Yacht San Lorenzo Hospitality Parquet

Luxury yachting 

Sailing in great style is the design philosophy that distinguishes yacht interiors and lets wood breathe in its many applications, not only on the floor but also on the walls and ceiling without forgetting the outdoors. The yacht is an extraordinary, emotionally charged place that sees the materialisation of a dream, that of its owner. The designers’ foresight is to link the perception of the yacht to our time, connecting different worlds and bringing imaginaries closer together. The nautical interiors and furnishings thus revive the same concepts typical of contemporary living, such as principles of linearity, simplicity and sophistication. Fundamental was the reinterpretation of space, which resulted in a new distribution layout with perspective games, optical illusions and unexpected lighting effects. The furnishings for the sea, as well as the interior finishes, give these floating villas the same atmosphere of comfort and refined elegance as their homes on dry land.