Paola Lenti

wood floor Paola Lenti oak perigal listone giordano

Since 1994 Paola Lenti has followed a coherent and dynamic entrepreneurial strategy based on research and experimentation which has led the Company to establish itself as an international reference in the world of design. Entering the world of Paola Lenti is like discovering balanced and essential new design landscapes where opposites become complementary: past and present, interior and exterior, tradition and technology.

In this approach one can find a serene coexistence of seemingly diverse influences: where metal and wood structures are designed to be durable; where modern and comfortable interiors seating live side by side with the newest solutions for exteriors; where elegant hand-crocheted floral rugs are created with high-tech yarns. Each design attributes its originality to the selection and creation of the material and to the simplicity of its forms. The pieces are created to be timeless in terms of quality, functionality, colour and aesthetics.

Natural Genius.

Perigal is an original wooden floor inspired by the celebrated, dissectionbased proof of the Pythagorean theorem and its brilliant geometry. An unusual union of knowledge provides new lifeblood – it is in fact the outstanding result of the encounter between Listone Giordano’s wealth of wood expertise and Paola Lenti’s unmistakable, signature style.

wood floor Paola Lenti oak perigal listone giordano
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