Oak 140-230

  • Elegant (Fibramix)
  • Esprit

Mixed grain. The boards may feature colour variations and knots. In the extra wide boards knots may even be filled or partially filled.

Oak 140-230 | Elegant (Fibramix) Oak 140-230 | Elegant (Fibramix)


Mixed grain and colour variations. In Oak, widespread presence of knots, including filled or partially filled ones. In tropical species, in addition to marked colour contrasts, mineral formations typical of the structure of this type of wood may be visible.

Oak 140-230 | CHARME (COUNTRY) Oak 140-230 | CHARME (COUNTRY)

Mixed grain, naturally uneven hue variation, marked and widespread presence of filled or open fissures, as well as encased, tight or only partially filled knots.

Oak 140-230 | Esprit Oak 140-230 | Esprit

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