Oak 290-390

  • Elegant (Fibramix)
  • Esprit

Mixed grain. The boards may feature colour variations and knots. In the extra wide boards knots may even be filled or partially filled.

Oak 290-390 | Elegant (Fibramix) Oak 290-390 | Elegant (Fibramix)

Mixed grain, naturally uneven hue variation, marked and widespread presence of filled or open fissures, as well as encased, tight or only partially filled knots.

Oak 290-390 | Esprit Oak 290-390 | Esprit

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The images presented below are for informational purposes only and have no contractual value. Their sole purpose is to represent, for illustrative purposes, the characteristic elements of wood selection, such as the grain pattern, knots, speckles and marbling of a material shaped by nature.


The images have no contractual value, they are only intended to represent more fully a panel or sample, a general idea of the wooden surface obtained by the combination of several wooden boards and the chosen color. The color tone shown should be considered purely indicative, as it may differ significantly from the original, depending on the device used for display and its adjustment.