wood floor butterly
wood floor butterly

Butterfly’ consists of two elements, the ‘plank’ and the ‘butterfly’. The plank has chamfered ends where they meet the ‘butterfly’. The shape of the ‘butterfly’ is derived from the ancient technique of using a double wedge-shaped element to reconnect split timber.

The project

Butterfly, a wood floor with a fluttering decoration

The Butterfly wood flooring is created by joining the decorative element embedded in the wooden planks. The ‘plank’ is available in two different colours, cannella and lavagna. The ‘butterfly’ comes in 7 colours: Cannella and Lavagna Matt, Black, Dark Blue, Red, Green and Cannella are Glossy. With these simple elements it’s possible to create many beautiful patterns, ranging from very simple to richly complex. We’re still discovering combinations.

K.P.D.O. is an integrated design studio based in Melbourne and Sydney, led by Kerry Phelan and Stephen Javens. Their work is influenced by art, cinema and fashion, as well as the great masters of modern architecture and design. Shiro Kuramata and Michele de Lucchi are particular design inspirations. As part of their ongoing research, and to invigorate their design energies, they visit Milan every year for Salone del Mobile and meet their favourite suppliers. In their travels they became obsessed with the richly textured patterns in Milanese architecture and streetscapes. As cinephiles they were also inspired by the beautiful portrayal of Milan in Luca Guadagnino’s film, ‘I am Love’.

Over the years they have designed many beautiful projects using Listone Giordano’s Medoc flooring, designed by Michele de Lucchi. So naturally, they spent time with Listone Giordano and during a visit a few years ago they pitched an idea about creating a richly complex floor constructed with just two elements. “Fortunately – the designers explain – Listone Giordano were very enthusiastic and with their technical expertise, helped us to develop the range we now call ‘Butterfly’.

wood floor butterly
wood floor butterly

k.p.d.o. Design studio

Choosing wood flooring is an important step in the process of decorating your home. 

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