Dante Oscar Benini + Luca Gonzo

Dante Benini wood floor factum Luca Gonzo

“Training with Carlo Scarpa, when I am about to use the pencil on a blank sheet, my mind runs through all his signs and all his works”. The Scarpian signs are piercing: you either understand them or you have no soul. However, if you understand them, worlds to be explored open up. And this is what happened with FACTUM”.

The designers: Dante O. Benini & Partners Architects

In 1997, Dante Oscar Benini founded Dante O. Benini & Partners Architects, which he leads as President together with Luca Gonzo, Senior Partner and Managing Director. With offices in Milan, London, Istanbul, and a staff of about 60 people, the studio is active with its various departments in the fields of architectural design, urban planning, interior architecture, design, and nautical design. The firm produces projects for entire urban districts, headquarters of large groups, industrial laboratories, commercial spaces, exclusive clubs, private homes, yachts, and design pieces, for an international audience. Each project has its foundations in technical, economic, and environmental sustainability, and offers a quality architecture whose attention to detail is the fundamental principle. The studio has received many awards and mentions (the latest being Best Lighting at the BOAT International Design & Innovation Awards 2018), achieved victories in international competitions, and organizes seminars and conferences in Italy and abroad. There are many publications dedicated to the studio; many have written about it, to name a few: Bruno Zevi, Cesare De Seta, Cesare Casati, Ada Francesca Marcianò, Renato Pedio, Roberto Guiducci, Giampiero Bosoni, Maurizio Vitta, Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi.

Luca Gonzo

Born in 1969, he graduated in Architecture, with maximum marks and with honour mention for his thesis, at Milan Polytechnic School in 1996. He became a registered architect in 1998.

His first working experiences were in little local practices in Milan hinterland. In 1999, after a period as stagiest, he joined Dante O. Benini architects working as associated architect on several projects, including the feasibility for: Talamo’s Lodge, Ubi maior club, residential plan in Milan and Malpensa Lauda Air offices.In 1999 he was in charge of the project of the new headquarters, Lorenzon Techmec System and the interior design of M / Y San Lorenzo of 25 meters. In 2000, he was appointed Project Director, leading for the concept phase the project of the new headquarters of Torno Internazionale SpA. In Milan, the complete project and the renovation of a 51-meter yacht, the layout of the new Studio DOBP in Milan, the project for the new Alexandria Bridge (leader of the Richard Meier project) and for the Competition for the new headquarters of the Richemont Group. Since 2001 he has also worked as an IT manager in the IT development of the office and is responsible for the graphic and multimedia presentation of all projects. He became Partner (the youngest of the Firm) in 2002 and was the leading architect for the most important recent projects of the Firm such as the Car-park and office building in Alessandria, Car-park and showroom in Milan, TAI Tower 120 m high in Istanbul, R&D building in Istanbul, Vodafone offices throughout Italy. Since September 2004 he has been Chief Executive Officer of the Firm. He is currently Senior Partner and Managing Director supervisor of all major projects of the Firm and leading architect of the largest and most well-known projects of the Firm in the world such as: New fair in Moscow, Novgorod Globe town masterplan, Third millenium square Pisa, Vodafone Village Milano, Abdi Ibrahim Great Masterplan, Istanbul.

Natural Genius

The artistic thoughts of great masters are interpreted in a contemporary square element that offers a distillate of pure Italian style. Wood surfaces with endless compositions and rhythms give life to carpets or elegant tapestries with a strong visual impact. Factum expresses the need for aesthetic spirituality and inner research. 

Dante Benini wood floor factum