design: Alexander Brenner

Conte Rovere Parquet

“A “lateral thought” or rather an inverted thought was the compass that guided the German architect to the port of call. “.

Alexander Brenner

The project

A navigation tool that would allow to leave tired and conventional products on the shore, while avoiding paying homage to passing fashions and trends.  A collection baptized in the sacred river of rediscovered proportions, in perfect balance between poetry and naturalness, without constraints and in the full and respectful use of a precious material. It draws inspiration from antiquity and from that Roman model – Opus incertum, an irregularly placed small-sized stone lining – that has been able to promote a holistic and respectful vision of natural resources such as stone, a wise use in the construction of elements from the different features dimensions. Why should this not be possible even for the noble wood?

The square and rectangular shapes and the wood grain change and alternate creating an unoriented floor, which follows free and fluid spatial sequences.

A mystical balance of relationships and proportions make up a wooden floor that knows how to amaze and surprise in the name of simplicity and logic of timeless beauty.

This composition with a natural, only apparently conventional  beauty, requires an extra dose of courage and commitment in its realization, precisely because its extraordinary nature is not only external but derives from relationships intrinsic to the material itself.

alexander brenner architect
Alexander Brenner

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