oak grisaglie

Wood and colours have always been an excellent pair. The latest fashion trend has chosen all shades of grey as the most sophisticated colour for your interiors.

Grigio Argilla
Grigio Porfido

We pigmented wood to highlight the beauty of this material that turns into a soft texture. This variety of aesthetics adds colour to Oak Grisaille hardwood floors. It perfectly goes with other pieces of furniture and finishes. 

Wood and color has always been an excellent pair. The latest fashion trend has chosen all shades of grey to create the most sophisticated interior. We pigmented wood to bring the beauty out of this material which turns into  a refined texture. The variety of aesthetics adds color to Grisaglie wood floors. It perfectly goes with other pieces of furniture and finishes. The natural colors are also inspired by earth, stones and rocks (Dolomites, Calanchi, Porfido). Strong natural elements leverage this hardwood floor collection where color leads the way for those who love pure elegance.
This natural and tactile wood solution references a timeless sense of beauty which outlast fashion trends . It backs up its noble origin, while maintaining a fresh and modern spirit.
A world of boundless design freedom, open to customization.

Grigio Dolomite
Grigio Bretone
Grigio Marna
Grigio Marino


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