Oak michelangelo

Oak Michelangelo, a true artist of colour, a hardwood floor that adds a personal touch to your home. 

Parquet Rovere naturale Michelangelo Testa Di Moro
Testa di Moro

Just like a tailor-made garment, the first step for making this wooden flooring is to select the best oak. Then, we transform it into woven texture featuring Michelangelo’s colour palette, from the lightest to the most intense ones. Listone Giordano perfectly knows the appearance and personality of each one of them. 

Parquet Rovere naturale Michelangelo Tortora
Parquet rovere naturale chiaro bianco assoluto


Choosing wood flooring is an important step in the process of decorating your home. The Listone Giordano Guide came about to handle all your questions, and many others you didn’t even know you had. Simply and clearly.

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