Pietà Rondanini Michelangelo Museum

Location: Castello Sforzesco, Milano



Collection: Atelier

Architects: Studio AMDL M. De Lucchi

Year: 2013 – 2015

Pietà Rondanini
Michele De Lucchi

The Pietà Rondanini has its own dedicated space: the Spanish Hospital in the Sforzesco Castle. The room was once the infirmary set up by the Spaniards during the plague of 1576, and the space has maintained the sixteen century structure characterized by crossed vaults and wall decorations.

It was a place of suffering and was therefore suited to house a sculpture expressing material grief. The public entrance is in Piazza delle Armi and then through a reception hall. This area also acts as a filter to separate visitors from the noise of city life. Once inside the exhibition room, they will be surprised to see the exhibit from behind, thus reversing the customary front view of the sculpture. The room remains empty except for the presence of four volumes: three Oak seats and a showcase containing the history of the Pietà. 

(Displayed on the wall opposite the entrance are the death mask and a medallion by Michelangelo, done by Luino Liuni and Daniela da Volterra). The thick wood floor boards, French Oak directly from our sawmill in Burgundy, produce a textural contrast than enhances the whiteness of the marble.

To protect the masterpiece from vibrations an anti-seismic dais was built to guarantee absorption of any movement. The statue lighting is designed to avoid shadows.

Pietà Rondanini
wood flooring
Pietà Rondanini

To protect the masterpiece from vibrations an anti-seismic  dais was constructed to guarantee absorption of any movement. Lighting of the statue is designed to avoid shadows.