heritage filo di lama

The work of expert hands and the love for wood make Listone Giordano’s Heritage Filo di Lama the perfect wooden flooring for contemporary living. 

Heritage Filo di Lama

Listone Giordano’s Heritage Filo di Lama wooden flooring enhances the naturalness of certified French Oak. Every wooden board is skillfully treated and finished with oils that dry naturally, adding various shades of colour to the wood, also thanks to eco-friendly thermal treatments. The traditional sawn wood technique adds a unique 3D effect and depth to wood,enhancing the beauty of the grain and natural imperfections. Moreover, Listone Giordano’s multilayer patent ensures full stability for large formats and excellence of Heritage wooden floors. 


Choosing wood flooring is an important step in the process of decorating your home. The Listone Giordano Guide came about to handle all your questions, and many others you didn’t even know you had. Simply and clearly.

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