design: Michele De Lucchi

Parquet Medoc Listone Giordano  Michele De Lucchi
Gulf Islands – Canada | Bagno Vignoni 1262
Parquet Medoc Listone Giordano  Michele De Lucchi
Bagno Vignoni 1262

You would have to be able to walk on your hands to appreciate the sheer beauty of the wooden floors. That way you could really feel the nature captured in the wood, it’s soft to the eyes yet durable to walk on and it feels warm to the touch. This profoundly luxurious material, both in its shape and decor, needs no further design touch which may only spoil its appearance, detracts from its richness and alters its authentic nature ”.

Michele De Lucchi

The project

Medoc® embodies the synthesis of concepts that are not always easily reconciled: Aesthetics and Ethics,  external Beauty and Substance, Appearance and Essence, Surface and Pulp.

Medoc® Natural Genius is wood floor created by Michele De Lucchi and Philippe Nigro. Its original and unmistakable trapezoidal shape draws on the tapered shape of wooden logs. At the same time, Medoc’s design creates visual continuity with old planks, “when planks were not straightened so as to avoid wasting wood unnecessarily”. The imprecise sawn cut surface (or sawn wood technique) requested by the designers enhances the light effects, the tactile feeling and 3D effect of Listone Giordano’s French Oak. The colour shades obtained with natural oil-based treatments give Oak a distressed look by simulating the effects of exposure to the elements.

Parquet Medoc Listone Giordano  Michele De Lucchi
menzione compasso d'oro
Michele De Lucchi ritratto
Parquet Medoc Listone Giordano  Michele De Lucchi
Parquet rovere naturale scuro
Parquet rovere naturale scuro Michele De Lucchi medoc
Triplex Residence – Tel Aviv – Israele | Bagno Vignoni 1262


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