réserve mareggiata

Réserve Mareggiata. The wooden flooring designed by the sea.

réserve mareggiata
Rancho Cerro Gordo – Mexico | Cefalù 1131
réserve mareggiata
Rancho Cerro Gordo – Mexico | Cefalù 1131

Reserve Mareggiata from Listone Giordano’s Atelier collection is unique, like nature. The name Mareggiata (Italian for rough seas) comes from its appearance, typical of wood smoothened by time and salty seawater. So, every plank of French Oak becomes a small natural sculpture like the majestic wood logs left by the sea on the beach in winter. Oil-based treatments and eco-friendly protection embellish each wood grain for a product to be enjoyed barefoot. 

Reserve Mareggiata is the perfect blend between natural design, know-how and handmade techniques. 

Parquet rovere naturale Mareggiata
Pisa 1173
Parquet rovere Mareggiata Cefalu 1131 Parquet Atelier


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