Project Lomas Altas – Mexico City

hardwood floor oak listone giordano

Location: Mexico City


Heritage Filigrana Civita

Collection: Atelier

Architects: Jaime Arena

Year: 2023

natural oak herringbone

The creative work and vision of the Mexican architect and designer Jaime Arena is celebrated in this residential project nestled in the hills overlooking the capital of Mexico City, called Lomas Altas.

This architecture is the result of almost thirty years of a professional career crowned by great achievements. At the top of the values cherished by the designer remains the very high quality of the work, the enhancement of the genius loci and a harmonious integration of the building within the natural landscape.

His listening skills underpin the relationship with the clients, such that he is able to capture their dreams and hidden expectations. The ability to convey his design vision and identify with the project itself allows him to remain faithful to his style with contemporary tones without betraying the client’s lifestyle. The choice of materials recalls a particular attention to purity, far from the idea of anthropic manipulation.

Wood is undoubtedly one of the protagonists of his interior design, together with stone and the most exclusive marbles. In this realisation, the wooden surface is declined both in the runner laying and in the elegant natural oak herringbone with soft and warm hues. 

The sense of volume is at the heart of the design process, with its infinite heights, majestic corridors and imposing windows, three-dimensional frames and architectural elements that playfully confront natural light.

natural oak herringbone
natural oak herringbone