Villa in Shenzhen

Location: Shenzhen


Wood Floor Slide Tortora and Grisaglie Marino

Collection: Natural Genius and Classica

Architects: The One Mountain Union Design

Year: 2023

Partner: Casa Jolie

Villa a Shenzhen wood floor oak slide
Villa  Shenzhen wood floor oak slide

Zhongtian Villa in Shenzhen features exclusive woodfloor textures the like of Slide Tortora and  Grisaglie Marino herringbone.

The lakeside villa with a garden is a project designed for a young female client. 

The design team applied Italian-style modern minimalist language to the overall space, highlighting the luxury material textures through simple forms and colors. With geometrically-cut structures and fluid curves, this residence incorporates fun art mirroring the owner’s aesthetic preferences.

The residence is mainly dominated by a soft color palette and  embellished with some colorful fun artworks. The double-height living room adopts simplistic carved lines and soft tones. The vertical lines in this area strengthen a sense of depth.

Besides, the organic wall patterns and the art installations hung on the ceiling echo with the natural grain of the carpets and marble floor. The space brings in abundant daylight, which creates a varying environment throughout the day. Through the mix and match of diverse materials, the project creates a home full of freedom and exquisiteness. 

Project Creator: The One Mountain Union DesignSpecial thanks to Casa Jolie, Listone Giordano’s official partner