Matilda – concept store

Location: Mâcon – Francia


Réserve Traccia Oak Siena – Listone 90 Oak Biancospino – Listone 140 Oak

Collection: Atelier and Classica

Architects: Cabinet Wow à Mâcon

Year: 2022

Matilda concept store wood floor oak herringbone
Matilda concept store

The Wow architecture studio in Mâcon, France, depicts Matilda. A new concept store with a cheerful and original colour palette.e.  

An old auction hall becomes a place of meeting and creativity open to an entire community. A fun, multidisciplinary space where you can eat something together, cultivate your cultural passions and relax in a space of over 500 square metres. 

Matilda, this is the name chosen, offers visitors a restaurant, bookshop, club and much more. It comes alive with literary and musical events with the aim of becoming a true cross-generational reference point. 

The parquet flooring, with its natural touch, contributes to enhancing the space. The choice ranges from the strongly characterised surface of Atelier Siena and Country Oak to the French Herringbone in Hawthorn shade. The interior decorator is Fanny Soulier. The technical consultant for the installation is Menuiserie Auduc Marot in Romanèche Thorins.

Matilda concept store wood floor oak herringbone