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Before. It is of the utmost importance to seek the advice of a consultant that can truly understand your needs, one who can help you to buy a product you will enjoy for the rest of your life. A consultant who can answer all your questions professionally, but also one who knows how to ask you the right questions and find the best solution for your home. Down to the last detail. Large straight-laid planks? In what direction? Why not an elegant herringbone design. Italian style or Hungarian herringbone? And what about the trim at the edges? Is it better to follow the aesthetic flow of the floor, or of the walls? And what about the stairs? But even before that: is the sub-floor adequately prepared to take the new floor? There are no set answers, unless all the specific details of the project are known, the needs understood. That which only an expert consultant knows how to do after a detailed technical site inspection done using special equipment and, above all, vital professional knowhow. 

During. It is of the utmost important that the floor be laid down to perfection by qualified persons, whose professional ability is assured and guaranteed. The serenity of leaving your home in capable hands should not be an optional.
After. Your Listone Giordano store remains a point of reference for you even after the purchase and installation. To receive advice on cleaning and maintenance for your floor, or technical help when it comes to small repairs.