Natural Genius

Design and genius.

The culture of design and spirit of modern-day innovation run deep in the veins of Natural Genius. It came about from an original cultural project at that temple of art and modern architecture in New York City, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum. From there it flourished under the guidance of such greats of international design as Michele De Lucchi and Patricia Urquiola, who knew how to provide a simple answer to a complex question. How can a wooden floor remain faithful to its ancient tradition, yet exude an authentically contemporary spirit?


Il legno dei nostri parquet, sapientemente tagliato e posato, disegna lo spazio delle vostre stanze.
I diversi tipi di disegno parquet della Linea Natural Genius conferiscono all'ambiente aspetti esclusivi, trasformando e valorizzando lo spazio con la naturalezza propria del legno.