How wood flooring reacts
Traditional or engineered parquet?
Floating or glued?
Varnish or oil finish?

Varnish or
oil finish?

The choice between a varnish or oil finish on the same wood can change the final aesthetics of the floor, but also what your experience with it will be. There is no clear-cut answer, except an encouragement to fit your floor in with your lifestyle and personality. It’s not unlike choosing an outfit to wear. There is no absolute right or wrong one. Just the one that best suits you. So what should you focus on? Sheer ease and simplicity in terms of maintenance? Or texture and utter wholesomeness? Probably a balanced solution that can combine the two needs. Your needs.


Beeswax and other types of domestic waxes belong to the era of hardwood floors and have long been improved on in terms of the protection they provide and the simplicity of application of the most modern products on the market today, all based on natural ingredients. Traditional wax finishes were known for the particular pasty surface they created, one that was pleasant to the touch but very difficult to maintain, especially in terms of their tendency to mark the prints.