of working with wood

“We’re but dwarves perched on the shoulders of giants”, Bernard de Chartres liked to say. The wise XII century French philosopher used this comment to remind his disciples that if in this day and age we are able to see more things and further afield the merit is not that of better eyesight or greater height, but because we have been lifted and carried forwards by the greatness and conquests of those who came before us. This holds true for scientific knowledge as well. But it also holds true for the history of a business, especially if it is family owned and run. That which came before is not just simple time that has passed.

It is a primary foundation that bolsters today’s legacy with undeniable values. Values that could not have been constructed in any other way, nor be imitated. The Margaritelli family has a centuries-long history of working wood behind it, and it has always had unique ties to the raw material, starting from the earliest phases. Especially when it comes to the forest, where the whole process begins.

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